Lincolnshire in England

The fog has lifted on this country this week, with a roadmap released on what we can expect in the coming months as we come out of Pandemic Lockdown. We in England ballsed up prevention but have scored with vaccination.

The four things that have obsessed me and my photography over my career have been 1. football (soccer) which is well presented on my other website 2. music + pop festival gatherings 3. what it’s like to grow up in different parts of the country from different backgrounds and genders (which is my own categorisation and not a generally recognised thing and certainly not having its own section in the library) 4. nudes and masks.

Pop music has continued during meltdown, because we all have access to music on players and there are decades of the stuff stored away. LIVE music has copped it. I held a gig here in my hometown which sold out the New Year’s Eve before last but one (2018). Now the venue is all locked up and the star band that performed that night are busy painting canvasses and other things, unable to perform live. There is a likelihood now that major festivals will return to the UK from late summer 2021, but with reduced capacities and those in attendance having vaccine passports. The bigger festivals will be televised as a way to reach the audiences and to make/not lose money.

In terms of ‘growing up’, nothing but death or incapacity can stop growing up, but the experience must be different in the last 12 months. Straight away one thinks of my daughter’s age – 15 – as the epicentre of growing up, but I maintain the process starts 15 years before and has barely concluded 15 years later (at aged 30). School plays a huge part in growing up and school and college and university have been kicked all over the place. Not much growing up going on there.

Nudes and masks are also in my list of obsessions and think how nudes and masks have fared during the Pandemic 12 months. In my UK there has been little sight of either unless of course one goes to the world wide web where there may be gallons of it, tubs of it, oceans of it. I don’t know. I don’t go there. Perhaps in private households and fantasises there has been a lot of both nudes and masks. I have enjoyed making some pictures of nudes and masks during this exceptional 12 months.